“Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

Christian D. Larson

When your company acquires a new business, it’s not often you get the chance to witness the magic and experience the integration first hand. Katie was one of the lucky ones. Quietly observing the spirit of team support, knowledge sharing and a willingness to help, Katie joined the Merkle|Periscopix team after moving to London to help build up a DMP practice from Merkle U.S.

You see, Katie joins us to build on an already successful stint at Merkle, which is, in large part, all thanks to Michael Jackson. The untimely passing of the King of Pop found Katie looking at the woman in the mirror, and deciding to follow her heart. Her love for ol’ MJ not only took her across the Pacific Ocean to the States from China but also turned her from a publicist dancing among executives to an analyst crunching numbers for a living.

Now loving life in London, even with all the confusing English accents, Katie and the Digital Analytics team have developed our DMP solutions for the unique needs of the EU market. So, if you’re interested in empowering your data with DMPs give us a shout!