“The present is the only thing that has no end.”

Erwin Schrödinger

Born and bred in the picturesque city of Oxford, Justin comes from a long line of doctors (no pressure to succeed in the sciences in school!).

With one of the most interesting international backgrounds we’ve come across - his Grandmother was English, who moved to Iran from Manchester in her 20’s, where she then met Justin’s Grandfather who was (naturally) Iranian. They both then had Justin’s Dad who then went on to meet his wife (Justin’s mum) back in England when she moved over from Hong Kong, leading to Justin being a mish-mash of English, Iranian and Hong Kong heritage. If you managed to keep up with that, you probably have a brain as good as Justin’s – he won Chemist of the year twice at school, AND won the Oxfordshire’s top Chemist prize (no biggie).

Naturally, you would have thought this would have lead Justin to study Chemistry but he instead opted for a more rounded choice in studying Geography at Durham University. Here Justin dabbled in rugby, squash, performing magic tricks (he says he’s out of practice but we reckon he could teach us a thing or two) and the odd computer game tournament where in one game he reached the top 500 out of “no more than 2.5 million players”.

Whilst Justin isn’t applying his multi-talented and analytical mind to running Programmatic campaigns he thoroughly enjoys cooking, namely Cantonese recipes (his Mum taught him to cook before he could talk), trying new food places and has recently got into the gym.

We are thrilled to welcome Justin to the Merkle | Periscopix Programmatic team.