“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

Michael Altshuler

Juliette grew up in the sunny little town of Lewes, probably best known for having the largest Bonfire Night celebrations in the entire UK. When she wasn’t wishing the days away waiting for November 5th to come round every year, she'd describe herself as ‘that girl who zoomed through all the work’, but her best achievement at school has to be surviving classes with a maths teacher who threw mini beanbags at children when they got questions wrong. Another job well done, Ofsted….

After flying through school, Juliette went to The University of Bristol to study Geology. When she wasn’t cracking up at the ‘Geology Rocks’ course hoody, Juliette made travelling a priority in order to further herself, and her travels have led her to coaching football in the USA, a 6 week field trip in Greece, a volunteering trip to Kenya and backpacking around Australia with her sister. In fact, Antarctica is the only continent that Juliette is yet to visit. After testing the waters working in the Oil industry, Juliette decided that her future lay instead in the beautiful world of PPC.

Juliette is our first ever Periscopian who moonlights as a Premier League Footballer – living proof that banging in goals in front of hundreds of fans and enjoying data analysis don’t have to be mutually exclusive. When she’s not optimising your campaigns to perfection, catch her tearing up defences for QPR in the Women’s Premier League. Back of the net.