“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

Josie spent her early years in Jesmond, Newcastle, a part of the city popular with the student population. Therefore, when she moved south to Surrey she found the landscape much deprived of nudity, traffic cone hats and vomit. Despite the upheaval Josie settled into her new surroundings (the pony helped), passing the time between riding and musical pursuits such as the piano and cello. It wasn't until Josie attended college in Godalming that she 'became a bit of a rebel', however fret not, we are talking about a Periscopian and in this case it meant shunning the cool kids to dive into the language of mathematics. Returning to the colourful land of her childhood there was only one place for Josie to further her studies so she returned to Newcastle University to read mathematics before continuing with a Masters at UCL in Mathematical Modelling.

Josie is passionate about Great Ormond Street (her dad is a professor there) so is regularly undertaking fundraising activities from running in silly outfits to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Despite her frequent requests for a donation of some sort or another this doesn't stop us all from asking for her advice when modelling big sets of display data. She has become a cornerstone of attribution analysis in the programmatic display team.

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