“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

Abraham Lincoln

Growing up in St. Margarets near Twickenham, Hertford, Saddleworth and Oldham (his Dad moved a lot with work – covering off all the major supermarket chains in a two-decade rule), Josh had two younger sisters. This proved to be dramatic as they grew up, explored the city and showed rebellious attitudes toward their caring older brother! Drama has always been a theme in Josh’s life, starting out with the “Little Theatre Group” both on- and back-stage, where he got to meet Sir Ian McKellen (jealous!) and practiced ballet until age 13.

He then joined the music theatre group whilst studying Psychology at Warwick University. They put on productions ranging from Sweeney Todd (where this story could have ended, as Josh narrowly survived almost falling through the trapdoor and almost passed on from overeating as he came second in the cast vs. crew pie-eating contest); to Into the Woods; Anything Goes; and his crowning achievement: playing Brian in Avenue Q (they are both very alike – constantly smiling and not afraid to ask the important questions!).

Known for acting, singing and dancing, Josh is what those in the ‘biz call a triple-threat. He would really be better termed an all-rounder, though, as he has many a string to his bow. Recently having bought a guitar, Josh is teaching himself to play; he is also a self-taught code-writer. During his masters at Goldsmiths (studying Consumer Behaviour), goalkeeper Josh reportedly netted no fewer than 50 chicken nuggets on his football team’s tour to Budapest!

So, if you’re looking for a shrewd observer of the finer working of your customers’ minds; a soprano who can charm their socks off with his moves and acting skills (ask him about his Kermit the Frog impression!); or simply need someone to polish off those last couple of pies – Josh could be your Mann!