“I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.”

Ayrton Senna

Jordan Koroknai (pronounced korok-nigh) grew up in the small town of Sompting near Brighton. This creative genius left his hometown for Chichester in order to pursue his dreams. Jordan attended a college which specialises in art and design (and physics) where he further developed his arty ways.

Ever since Jordan was a nipper he was interested in car design and he followed this passion to Coventry University where he studied Transportation Design for four years. Despite his dedication to his craft, Jordan apparently doesn’t have a favourite piece of transport design and doesn’t favour any form of transport over another (very diplomatic!). Jordan reached the pinnacle of his transportation design career when he finished his year-long project “conceptualising and designing a single-seater vehicle to combat the issue of air pollution in Shanghai”. This won him Periscopix’s ‘Number 1. Citizen of the World Award - 2016’.

Outside of his transport perversions Jordan has recently taken up playing dodgeball with the London Storms for whom he plays in tournaments up and down the country. So nimble (yet ruthless) is Jordan on the court that he has found himself the protagonist of his own sport-based romcom – but that’s a story for another day.

Jordan is the first Periscopian who was hired for a purely creative role, where he specialises in the design and build of the advertisements that the Programmatic Display Account Managers place across the internet. Marrying up the creative aspect with account managers' data analysis capabilities means the Programmatic Display team is now a true leader in the industry.