“A lifetime of training for just ten seconds.”

Jesse Owens

Jonathan, or ‘Jono’, was born in Basingstoke in the early 1990s (he prefers not to mention the specific year, despite his youthfulness). He comes from a small family, notably consisting of brewers – both his mum and dad, who actually met at a brewery! Jono’s mum narrowly missed out on being the first female master brewer in the UK when two people qualified just before her!

His family moved around quite a lot as he was growing up, meaning he got to explore many wonderful parts of the UK including Yorkshire and Somerset. He also got the chance to live in Australia for 8 years when his family moved, taking their 18-year-old cat with them. Unfortunately, the cat didn’t make it back to the UK, although his family brought back two different cats instead when they eventually decided to settle in Bristol.

In Australia, he made time for a diverse range of hobbies; winning Judo medals in state competitions, enjoying the incredible food and wine, and getting a job as a surgical equipment steriliser. This involved counting out every piece of equipment before surgery and then cleaning and counting each piece post-surgery (he told us that equipment gets left behind more than you’d think – thanks Jono!).

His passion for travel continued when he decided to return to the UK for university, choosing a psychology degree at Aberdeen, a city he had never been to until the very first day of term when he arrived fresh off the plane from sunny Oz with a massive suitcase. Tired of eating battered Mars Bars (and various other Scottish customs), he decided to pursue his masters at Manchester university, later deciding that of all the places he’d lived in, Manchester was his favourite (despite Australia’s preferable climate).

The lure of cheaper living was enough to get him through his masters in marketing. For this, he wrote a dissertation on two way online reviewing systems like Airbnb, investigating how reviewer bias affected average ratings as well as the problem of hosts cancelling bookings to avoid the worst reviews showing. Interestingly, not long after this, Consumer Watchdog changed regulations surrounding online reviewing practices and the soul-consuming 20,000 word project was soon a thing of the past.

Jono brings his extensive knowledge about marketing and consumer behaviour to all of his Programmatic accounts, as well as his precision and reasoning skills gleaned from his slightly unusual job in Australia.

Ask Jono how many mince pies he’s ever eaten in one sitting.