“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”

Stevie Wonder

Jo is a woman who is dedicated to the mighty Pie; unlike the rest of the geeks in the business that may lead you to think that we are talking 3.14159 etc… we do actually mean Pie (or 'gravy meal' as they are known in the club). Jo tends to spend her Saturdays refining her pie recipes (lamb and mint being her signature) and Sundays walking off the effects to Old Reigatians rugby ground before whizzing down the wing to score her umpteenth try. It is not on the rugby field that Jo tends to do her major physical injuries – she is possibly the most accident prone person we have at Periscopix, with a liturgy of breaks, scrapes, falls and dislocations to her name; some even done while sober!

Before joining the team at Periscopix Jo spent three years working at a large financial institution but was looking for a something a little more colourful. With us Jo will need to draw on her education in English and Politics; both key to her success in the marketing team here where she manages our social media, events and our award entries that are renowned industry wide.