“We live in the Internet age. Everyone wants clicks. Clicks are what sells.”

Trevor Noah

Legend tells of a French-Bruneian who became a programmatic champion, and luckily for us he’s our very own Johan. After being born in The Big Pain-Au-Chocolat (otherwise known as Paris), with his parents and 2 older sisters Johan’s life took a multicultural turn for the next few years as they moved from Brunei to The UK to France to the USA and finally back to the UK. Because of all the moving Johan became very adept at adapting to new situations and always found it easy to make new friends and new encounters, something he’s continued to thrive in doing in his adult life.

Growing up, Johan was closely knit to his family, including his dear pet chicken Maxy Jackson (don’t ask) who after sadly being eaten by a python was replaced with a new, much larger, model by his mum. Johan didn’t even notice the change and was just impressed by Maxi’s growth rate (don’t worry, what he lacks in observation he makes up for in sheer analytical brilliance!). Johan’s sisters also played a huge part in his life. Describing them as his 2 additional mothers who made him watch Friends every single day (he can quote episodes with quite scary precision… just ask him!), Johan looked up to them and their passion for life.

As a teenager Johan began to realise his love for music by playing the guitar, and from that, a passion for musical theatre. In fact, he auditioned to play the part of Oliver (and won!) in a school play rendition of Oliver Twist (his mum even kindly offered to bleach his hair blonde for the part… to his delight…). Johan’s favourite plays of Avenue Q and The Book Of Mormon reflect his own aptitude for making people laugh, often at his own expense; and, like the shows he’s always positive and upbeat. Johan’s other passions include endurance running (like Tough Mudder) and maintaining his physical fitness and building up muscle (especially after a gym accident left his shoulder looking like a really bad glitch on the SIMs!)

After school, Johan went on to Kent University to study Business & Management. He particularly loved the marketing modules he undertook which lead him to have a placement year in digital marketing for a very famous entertainment company (his interview even consisted of him playing video games to demonstrate his passion for the brand… luckily Johan had years of practise). At University, he was the head of events for the Business Society, where he started his position off by spending the entire budget on tea and biscuits at his first event. It’s safe to say that Johan learnt about finance the hard way, and we’re glad he chose marketing as his career direction instead!

Following university, he found his way to London to follow his Marketing dreams, and became one of our strongest programmatic team members to date! Johan instantly fell in love with our emphasis on knowledge sharing across departments and the transparency in which we work. With the worldly knowledge he gained from growing up, he continues to develop both his professional relationships and his amazing campaigns. With Johan’s help, you can consider yourself in good hands, dream a dream of programmatic success, and defy impression-drop gravity!