“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein

Masters of Maths meets technology (and chocolate) enthusiast Joe was clearly a web analyst in the making from an early age. Whether it's building a gaming computer from scratch, developing websites or writing programs to approximately solve the N-Body Problem (fact), Joe has always enjoyed the use of tech to solve problems. As such we were delighted when he chose the (Cadbury's) Crème (Egg) of the crop in Periscopix to start his career in web analytics, and now works on many of our most complex installation projects. If you want to Boost the performance of your site, he's the one to speak to.

Despite a dubious approach to his own health (e.g. using one contact lens at a time during uni) Joe has never been to hospital and has even completed the Ten Tors Challenge amongst other serious hikes.

Joe is part of a growing army of Periscopians who Revel in building their own computers – the official party line is they're 'better for gaming', but we're not convinced!