“Perhaps you'd like to join us in a mission, of fishin' for logic in a think tank.”


Joe wished he was a little bit taller, he wished he was a baller, he wished he had a girl who looked good, he would call her. Since joining Periscopix he’s actually grown to 7 feet and is the newest recruit of the PX basketball team. He only ever scores 3-pointers. Never let it be said that Periscopix doesn’t make dreams come true. We thought it best to keep away from matters of the heart though.

Like many in the analytics team, Joe has a strong mathematical background. Having studied Mathematics at the University of Birmingham with a few coding modules for good measure, Joe has a highly analytical mind. This makes him perfectly suited to the technical team where he completes in depth implementations and detailed analyses as well as championing new products for the team and our clients.

Unlike many in the analytics team, it was at Birmingham where he entered the world of stand-up comedy. Taking an indirect route, Joe began with an interest in poetry and creative writing, becoming a regular amongst Birmingham’s leading spoken word scene. That was until one fateful night he found himself getting laughs from a funny poem; one thing led to another and Joe now has over 20 stand-up performances under his belt, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Joe also makes unconfirmed claims of making a good peppercorn sauce, holding to the philosophy that any good cook should be able to improvise a dish around a decent sauce. We’ll let you know how that goes…