“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live.”

Charles Bukowski

Joe comes from the “happiest place in the UK", Bournemouth, a statement that you are sure to believe if you meet him; a crowbar could not cleave the smile from his face! After his idyllic Enid Blyton childhood, frolicking with his friends on the seaside Joe found his affinity with the acclaimed author didn't stop there and found himself excelling in English. After a succession of school literary prizes and graduating top in his year he chose to read English and History at university. Throughout university Joe was a strong sportsman, captaining his rugby and American football teams; we get the rugby but couldn't understand the fascination with American football until Joe explained that his girlfriend happened to be a cheerleader!

After graduating Joe worked for a year in a small full service digital agency in Bournemouth where he worked across all of the digital disciplines. It was PPC that drew his affection, the linguistic nature of Search resonated with him and the competitive auction environment made Joe want to win big for each of his clients. You will be hard pressed to find anyone in the office that takes account performance more personally; we think it is the only thing that can make him frown!