“There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity.”

Francisco Escario

DJ Jazzy Jethro is the proud owner of by far the best t-shirt in the Periscopix office, bar none. Born in Botswana but raised in the British Isles, Jethro developed an early love for maths, smashing it at school and graduating from Southampton University with a 2:1 in Mathematics. He’s pretty much a walking calculator. Don’t have the energy to pick up an actual calculator? Ask Jethro.

As such, Jethro feels right at home working on the analytics team. A pro with GA and Google Tag Manager, he uses his attention to detail to create bullet-proof implementations for some of our most demanding clients.

Combined with his love for all things sport, Jethro also uses his uniquely analytical mind to make a killing playing the odds, having worked as a football trader in a previous life. He’s also a regular highlight at the weekly Periscopix football match; apparently his bicycle kick is one to rival Rooney’s.

Not only that but he’s a committed man of the world, fluent in Spanish and Russian, he’s visited “every country in the world”. Not sure on that one, but ask him the capital city of any country and he’ll name it without fail.