“It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Walt Disney

Born and bred in Watford, Jess is safely becoming their greatest export in recent memory. She had a rough journey growing up, starting off by working on building sites, there was plenty of hard labour for Jess. This was until she ventured into a gym for a casual workout, and was fitted with a pair of boxing gloves at 17. At 22 she becomes the Boxing Olympic champion and is now selling out the O2. Oh wait... That’s a different export from Watford.  Jess is more akin to her pet tortoise Elliot, much more inclined to explore activities close to her home. And so with Jess living in Watford, she rarely leaves the house.

A major event in Jess’s life came in the form of attending The University of Birmingham, going to study Ancient History. After opening herself to the culture of Birmingham, she discovered their greatest hero Richard Hammond. In an attempt to learn the mannerisms of the locals she started to study Top Gear. However all that changed was her view of herself, she constantly described herself as “the greatest ancient historian… in the world”. And so failed to endear herself to the locals. But Merkle Periscopix can now boast tof employing the greatest PPC Associate… in the world.

It was best that Jess decided against exactly mimicking the methods of Hammond, getting into a car crash every few years wears you down too quickly. As a substitute she took up surfing. Her friends frequently join Jess at the seaside harbouring hopes to see a variety of backflips, grabs, indys, slobs, liens and stalefish. However for now they’ll settle for seeing her stand up on her board, which she has so far been unable to accomplish. But as soon as she does, expect to see 180, 360, 540 and any other degree of flips you can think of.

Jess has always been greatly innovative and if you were to ask what her favourite drink is, she’ll reply “beer” in an instant. With these two assets, she took up a job with a Mallorcan tourism company, with the sole purpose being to create a bespoke holiday which she must conduct the research for. And so, she found herself on an all expenses paid trip visiting the best nightlife Mallorca had to offer. With the cost significantly decreased from her previous holiday, and beer conversion rates greatly higher, she’s someone you can trust to improve the performance in your campaigns to no end.