“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky”

Michael Scott

Growing up in the London suburb of Mill Hill as an avid football fan, Jamie faced the difficult decision of what North London team to support, Arsenal or Spurs? Naturally, Jamie chose Manchester United. Not one to totally fulfil a stereotype, however, Jamie does have relatives from Manchester and is always up for watching a match at the Theatre of Dreams.

Jamie is quite the sportsman, playing football, golf and cricket, as well as being named amongst the most gifted and talented in dance at school – which came as a surprise to him, and to any of his mates who have been with him to nightclubs in the more recent past.

When he’s not controlling games from midfield, slotting birdie after birdie on the golf course or tearing up the town with his dance moves, you’ll find Jamie playing a few songs on his guitar. His passion for music makes it hard to believe that Jamie didn’t pursue a career in it. Always up for a bit of karaoke, Jamie has a penchant for Radiohead – but don’t worry, despite his love of performing their breakthrough hit, he’s no ‘Creep’!

After securing a 2:1 in Business Management from the University of Nottingham, Jamie shunned the bright lights of the O2 and instead went to work in sales in the city, his line of business being ‘anything you can find in the office’ to quote directly.

Thankfully, Jamie realised that his true calling wasn’t to sell pens a la Jack from Love Island, but PPC. Jamie now works with us here at Merkle Periscopix, where he’s sure to get your accounts singing to a much more upbeat tune than the work of his favourite bands!