“If you trust in yourself… and believe in your dreams… and follow your star… You'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy.”

Terry Pratchett

What do you imagine when you picture Blackpool? Constant stag and hen dos? The pervasive malaise of existential dread? GCSE students sneakily buying shots in a school-run Christmas party in an out-of-hours strip club? I thought not, but that’s what James remembers when he thinks of his childhood and adolescent hometown.

From there he began his journey south, stopping off for three years in Coventry where he learned the language of the universe and looked upon the face of God (he studied maths at Warwick). Whilst there, he took charge of the mixed hockey team, doubled the membership numbers, and did such a great job that when he left they needed two people to cover the James-shaped hole left in his absence. It was during this time that James got his first taste of family-free international travel, in the shape of a hockey tour to Budapest. Contrary to the image you may have in your head right now, surprisingly they remained sober and spent most of their time sightseeing.*

James’ mathematics skills were aching to be used at this point, so he set out to apply what he had learned in the Church of Numbers. He found finance to be a bit too stuffy, and his internship with a cybersecurity firm with a boss who “didn’t believe in NDAs” was a touch too intense. That’s when he completed his pilgrimage south, finding his flock among the nerds at MPX. Thanks, James, we think you’re pretty okay too!

These days you can find James playing hockey, board games, or maintaining his carefully curated spreadsheet of ranked and reviewed movies (Clockwork Orange is number 1, The Notebook is the worst). When in the office James can be found leveraging his divine expertise with GA, GTM, Data Studio & his mad coding skills to deliver cutting edge support to some of our biggest clients.

*[citation needed]