“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

To say that James has a technical mind may be an understatement.

Point in case:

When he was in primary school he taught himself to design websites from floppy disks that came free with old back issues of Reader's Digest. Not willing to just let this new found knowledge go to waste in the back of his mind, his primary school's website proved the perfect test case.

We can only assume that difference between the original site and his update was something akin to the difference between the original Spacejam site, and this lovely reactive design for Disney's Air Bud (coincidentally two of James' favourite films).

However, technical skills aside, James is also somewhat of a romantic. And frankly, who couldn't be after moving from picturesque Oxford, where he studied French at the University, to the downright canonically beautiful Paris, where he taught English for a year?

Although, if you talk to him now, he insists that Bromley (which straddles the border between Kent & South East London) stands up to both any day of the week.