“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist, but the ability to start over.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

James grew up in the sleepy town of Sherborne, home to the windiest road in Britain… a strong claim to fame! Having out-grown Dorset James decided to make the trek, made longer by windy roads, to study Marketing and Management in not so sleepy Newcastle. He went on to graduate with a first-class degree and obtain the highest grade in his second year.

Considering himself somewhat a serial hobbyist, James has attempted everything from football to ballroom dancing, each with varying success. He eventually gave up his dancing shoes and settled down with his long-term love… tennis. James has been playing since he was four, so you would think he would have an abundance of control by now, but his two broken tennis rackets say otherwise. James also took part in the 2016 Paris Marathon, however, after injuring his knee at mile seven he ran the rest of the 19 miles without bending his left leg.

As an aspiring vegetarian (minus the odd chicken nugget) and avid food lover, James has sold avocado on toast to festival goers and worked in a bakery during his summer months off. He has also been lucky enough to do most things on his bucket list including bungee jumping and sky diving, but still faces his biggest challenge yet… completing Netflix. No stranger to travelling, James has lived in both Berlin and Paris as well as hitch-hiking from the UK to Croatia for charity. 1000KM and 23 rides later, James now has his feet firmly on the ground in London as a Programmatic Associate bringing some worldly perspective to the programmatic world.