“Pack the right skills and the right attitude and you won't need much else.”

Bear Grylls

Jack has two younger brothers and one younger sister. Growing up in York, most of his childhood was spent outside, where he was busy asserting his power as the eldest child over his siblings, or “being a legend” as he calls it.

After moving to Manchester to study History and Economics at university, he had his own radio show where he was “just chatting away” and became social secretary at his university’s rugby team. Apparently, this experience has left Jack with very few stories to tell…suspicious. In short, Jack has spent most of his life talking to (or at) people.

When he’s not busy talking, Jack dreams of seeing as much of Asia as he can, partly to be closer to his two brothers who live in Hong Kong. He’s already gone to Korea to study marketing as part of a summer scholarship, as well as spending time there on his gap year.

When Jack is not at the office, you can find him playing rugby and training to climb the three highest peaks (“as long as they’re not too cold”) and Kilimanjaro. It’s fair enough to say that Jack aims very high in life, but also particularly low, as he prides himself on being able to find a cheap pint anywhere in London. Besides making a name for himself in PPC, he is known by his friends and family for coming up with ingenious “life hacks” for whatever city he is living in, so much so that he is constantly encouraged by his family to start a blog of his own, called “Jack’s Hacks”. Keep your eyes peeled.

Although he thoroughly enjoyed his time in Asia, instead of moving over there once and for all, Jack was drawn to London instead of sitting on a beach in Thailand (who would want to do that anyway?) Thus, he applied to MPX, so he could to put the creativity and analytical skills he learned during his degree to good use, and he’s now a valuable member of the Paid Search department.