“Ignore the naysayers.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Despite Jack being a London boy at heart, having lived the entirety of his life in East London, this hasn’t stopped him from fleeing the coop with every opportunity that arises, ultimately visiting an estimated 40 countries (not that he is keeping track). This yearning for adventure and a tantalising tale to share for years to come has driven Jack to plough through his bucket list like a tractor in a wheat field. Nevertheless, Jack is only human, requiring respite from all the diving he does (both sky and scuba), taking the occasional trip to Laos and sharing an island with 200 people and no electricity (we have no idea how he did it either).

Living such a high-octane lifestyle also wouldn’t be possible without the soothing tones of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “six rules of success” gently awakening him from his slumber every morning. Although Arnold is only present in alarm form, meeting the man himself is one of the few items left on Jack's bucket list.

When he is not bursting an eardrum scuba diving or being instructed of “six rules” that will help him succeed, Jack gets his kicks from the occasional game of football (no pun intended). However, despite his deep love of the beautiful game, the true apple of his eye is his power lifting competitions, for which he must continuously eat an unruly amount of food. It’s not a pretty sight.

Jack says he looks forward to eventually exploring and investigating what the rest of the world has to offer, as well as owning a pet penguin, which is of course completely normal. Until then, he’s busy mastering all the nuances of PPC at Merkle|Periscopix.