“Work experience: … duties that include ordering supplies and taking care of business (T.C.O.B)”

Mac & Charlie

Born and raised in Ashford, Kent, avid football fan Izaak regularly visits family in Poland (scattered everywhere from Warsaw to the Russian border). He has lived in the same house his entire life with his parents and younger brother and the close age gap means sharing friendship circles and very similar interests – including their 6-a-side football team The Mallards (no, Izaak has idea why they’re called that either).

Living in the countryside leads to certain adventures – like that one time they found an abandoned horse at the end of the road, nursed it to health and then successfully found it a new home on a local farm… oh the Kent bantz. It also has its advantages, as Izaak’s friend has a sufficiently isolated shed to house a drum kit, which they both enjoy practicing on.

After finishing his compulsory education in Canterbury, Izaak went to Exeter University to study History (despite the A-Level in History being his worst grade - B - a story his lecturer was shocked to hear)! Izaak edited the history society journal and penned a football specific edition during his tenure.

Modest Izaak blushes when describing a talk he gave, to a Wembley Stadium audience (whom he had no idea had paid to watch), about the history of Exeter City FC and the supporters’ trust who co-own the team. This was part of his work experience at Exeter City where he was able to watch Ethan Ampadu play before his transfer to Chelsea aged just 17!

Also an avid video gamer, specialising in action RPGs (think Skyrim, Fallout etc.), Izaak prides himself on the fact that he managed to get the best of his university grades during final year, after buying an Xbox 360 (ask him for tips about time management). He’s been a very vocal proponent for the “Save Player 1” campaign by Bethesda – aiming to protect single player games.

So, if you’re looking for a guy who can wax lyrical about the finer points of any important topic whilst simultaneously beating your high scores – Izaak may just be your man.