“Happiness – it’s an inside job.”

Matt Pepper

Born in Belgium, where she lived for 4 ½ years, Isabella had a very rural countryside upbringing in a small village in Somerset – the nearest public transport was 1 hour walk away and consisted of a service with just one bus a day. You can imagine how such an isolated home could drive a family to cabin fever… luckily the Smiths are a well-travelled family having visited the likes of Italy (a pilgrimage of sorts to collect the family secret gnocchi recipe), Malaysia, Northern Africa and India!

One of four girls, Isabella has one older and two younger sisters; one of these being her twin (whom she is 6 minutes older than – supposedly the only area where Isabella won – her sisters are all very high achievers). The Smith girls have often been described as thick as thieves but also very sporty and competitive. Isabella’s sport of choice being netball, which she played all through university and continues now.

This sporting ambition lent itself to industrious entrepreneurship when the girls started a sportswear company in their living room, selling stock they had acquired from around the house. Izzy was their appointed salesperson and brokered some impressive multinational deals (DISCLAIMER: Some, or indeed all, details of the ‘Smith, Smith, Smith & Smith Sportswear’ success story may be fictional – such as the very existence of the company itself).

When she was finally fed up of the country life, Manchester University was the chosen destination for Isabella’s ongoing education in Philosophy. Her dissertation discussed the notion of free will – even if our actions are governed by fate or some higher power, the very fact that we treat each other as if we do have control, means we do… deep! All work and no play makes Izzy a dull girl, a philosophy which led to this netball club social secretary attending the tour she had organised despite a serious case of flu.

Never one to shirk responsibility, Isabella has given her all to every task set for her since joining Merkle | Periscopix in our Paid Search department. If you’re looking for someone who’s ambitious, industrious, dedicated… imaginative (and with a grade 7 certificate in recorder to boot!); look no further than Isabella.