“One must still have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Irene is officially the first Periscopian to join us from the beautiful country of Italy. She grew up on the Amalfi Coast near Naples in a small village of just 80 people, most notable for it's fishing, unbeatable views and copious amounts of gossiping. Irene was always a wildly creative child - you could catch her drawing, painting or dancing at any given moment in her childhood.

Whilst growing up, Irene's inherent love of rock music led to her learning English (more Stone Roses videos than Rosetta Stone tutorials), and she wound up studying a Masters in Marketing at Imperial College in London. Having fallen in love with the city, she realised that a career in digital marketing was her true calling, making Periscopix the natural fit.

Irene is also notorious in the Periscopix offices for her photographic memory - her ability to remember what people were wearing (or what they said, or what street they walked down) on any given day is as astounding as it is creepy. If Irene is in charge of your accounts, you most certainly won't be forgetting the increase in your ROI in a hurry...