“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Miles Kington

Hertfordshire county 100m record-holder India was a gifted youth. Not only did she compete in athletics but also aced every ballet exam up to the highest level. When she wasn’t excelling physically, India loved spending time with her OBE grandfather, visiting friends (once she even picked up a hitch-hiking cat) and practicing guitar.

During her time studying Communications at Leeds University, India developed some interesting habits. One day whilst looking for a supermarket to satisfy her craving for gravy granules (which she eats with a spoon) our all-rounder stumbled upon a gigantic building with a supermarket logo – only to discover that it was in fact the head office.

Thankfully she didn’t get a job there and instead took a year working in Sydney Australia where she was lucky enough to go on a shark diving trip… but (un)lucky enough to not see any sharks! Itchy-footed-India has also trekked around the great US of A driving between Florida’s beautiful amusement parks in a Mustang.

After seeing the four corners of the globe, India decided to settle in London and put all her competitive spirit into running record-breaking PPC campaigns. Watch this space for her next adventure!