“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

Theodore Roosevelt

We waited a little while to be able to say this.....finally our moment is nigh.... You see, Helena is our first member of staff to have left behind the free food, massages, beer, designer offices and global job opportunities of Google to come to the Periscopixplex (what have you done Helena!?).

Of course, it makes sense to us, with our prime location by Tower Bridge, office massage chair and competitive package.......sorry, back to Helena.....her experience working with the SME team at Google gave her an in-depth and invaluable insight into both PPC and Google Analytics, straight from the horse's mouth as it were. This equips her beautifully for her work with leading ecommerce pure-plays in clothing and entertainment.

Whilst luckily escaping (only joking Wales) without the slightest hint of an accent from her native Wales, Helena took full advantage of her surroundings with a keen interest in sailing. From her Cardiff base she quickly reached the welsh national youth team. Now with a steady hand on the tiller of her campaigns, the wind over her shoulder and an eye on the horizon Helena is mooring at Periscopix, a welcoming port in any weather.

Helena wants...

to go skiing soon