“I don't have dreams, I have goals.”

Harvey Specter

Heana is an all-round sporty type and plays pretty much any sport going: hockey, netball, badminton and athletics being her favourites. Her competitive nature has also resulted in her accidentally (she claims) elbowing someone in a sprint race at the age of 5, and later knocking two people unconscious on the hockey field (again, supposedly accidentally). One of them was on her own team and it happened before the match had even started. When not knocking people unconscious, you can find Heana poppin’ and lockin’ her way around a dance studio and competing in dance competitions around the world.

Heana studied Management & Marketing at Leeds University, where she first discovered a passion for digital marketing. After university, she worked in Marketing & Communications for a local economic development company, but she found that it wasn’t satisfying her thirst for the digital side of things. Heana decided that Periscopix would be the perfect place to combine her passion for digital with a data driven and analytical approach. She is the person to see about: travelling around 18 cities in 28 days, Irish dancing and the Northern Lights.