“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

Dalai Lama

Throughout his life Harry has experienced several ‘near misses’; nearly being head boy (losing to his opponent who received one more A* grade than him), nearly playing for Arsenal (realising he preferred playing Xbox) and nearly missing a surfing lesson from the UK Longboard champion (he fell over). Luckily, Harry hasn’t let this affect him; he became deputy head boy, climbed the ‘Call of Duty’ world league table and continues to surf every other weekend.

Hailing from Essex, Harry isn’t your stereotypical TOWIE type, although he was born and raised in Brentwood. Desperate to avoid the “well jel” lifestyle, Harry moved to Hertfordshire to rebrand himself as ‘The Nerd’ where he studied Physics at university with a year abroad. Whilst Harry was taking part in his study year in Australia, his parents decided to fulfil their lifelong dream of visiting New Zealand. They thought they could incorporate this trip with seeing their son, as they assumed that New Zealand was “just down the road”. 2,581 miles later, the family were all together in time for Christmas where turkey was eaten and tears were shed when Harry’s younger brother fulfilled his lifelong dream of seeing a kiwi bird.

When Harry isn’t surfing, playing Xbox or travelling, he’s optimising your PPC campaigns to ensure there won’t be any near misses when pulling in conversions.