“A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?”

Captain Beefheart

Harry was the third hire in the SEO department, but the first to be born in Birkenhead. Raised in sunny Cyprus, he learned to live off the fat of the land in his farmhouse, tucking in to pigs, goats, turkeys and geese on a daily basis. Harry had so many pets that he would rarely bother naming them – apart from his two donkeys, both of which died shortly after he left for England (supposedly from death by heartbreak).

Living just around the corner from Ayia Napa proved an "interesting place to be a young teenager", but Harry quickly realised that he in fact preferred to stay at home and read. Having initially planned on returning to England to study biochemistry, he had to forget about that dream following a vomiting incident during his first visit to a surgical theatre. A mine of wide reading, he instead decided to pursue his other passion and studied English Literature at The University of York.

It was at university that Harry first became attracted to SEO. After deciding to throw his own techno night but failing to draw sellout crowds, he turned to innovative and alternative forms of marketing. By driving organic traffic to his music blog, his events and SEO knowledge began to flourish.

Juggling his time between teaching the English language to refugees, smashing out his university degree, and becoming an expert in the SEO field eventually became too much. He decided to combine his need for money (to spend on his high-end taste in olives) and his passion for organic search, getting his first professional job within the industry as a marketing analyst.

After a total of four years up North he decided another move was in order and set up in Dalston, searching for SEO jobs across the capital. Harry just loves being Google’s librarian and curating the internet. He feels like a website detective - "helping humanity find answers" – a perfect fit for the ever-growing SEO team.

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