“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”


Hannah grew up in deepest darkest Kent, generally playing around on hay bales and making dens in the woods. She spent a large part of her teens counting down the days until she could learn to drive but did manage to fill the time doing trapeze in a performing arts school (read: circus!)

Once big enough to defend for herself Hannah moved on to the bright lights of Brighton where she studied Biology at the University of Sussex (definitely not Brighton).  Aside from getting a first class degree, Hannah spent most of her time either going out or being an environmental activist, even managing to meet the “great man himself” aka Sir David Attenborough.

After a brief stint travelling round India and South East Asia, Hannah realised that whilst the data side of a career in Biology was an attractive prospect, life in the lab, less so. 

These days, Hannah is masterfully juggling life as a Programmatic Account Manager, applying her cheery determination to her campaigns with much success. Look out for company photos soon, once we’ve convinced her to jump back up on to that trapeze!