“This world is but a canvas for our imagination.”

Henry David Thoreau

Accident-prone valley-boy Greg grew up on a dairy farm with lots of sheep and cattle in a tiny village near Wrexham, North Wales – his primary school (attended by 3 successive generations of his family) class was made up of just six kids. Being the baby of the family, Greg’s older brother and sister were terrified when he announced he was moving to the big city – he’s managed to break 6 bones in his lifetime so far!

A country boy through and through, Greg has always loved running around the woods, getting muddy, climbing trees and making bows & arrows – Lost Boys style. This carpentry talent extended to building his own tree house and even kennels, which served as homes for his and the neighbours’ dogs. Not always so hyper-active, Greg has also always loved reading (but never built a bookshelf - nothing he ever built was allowed in the house…).

His love of words and reading led Greg to study English Language at Cardiff University, where he reports that the rugby atmosphere was awesome – he’s never played though… too clumsy! As co-founder of the English Social Society, Greg was responsible for organising gatherings and leading the weekly meetings. He also helped start the Creative Writing Society and still really enjoys writing short stories – something he’s put more time and effort into since graduating.

For Greg, it’s all about the process: creative idea generation –> planning -> execution –> outcome. This thorough way of working set him in good stead in his first ever job working at a PR agency – creating the internal magazine for a shoe company. Just one client wasn’t enough for Greg, and he soon set to pounding pavement until he came across Merkle | Periscopix; where he joined our paid search team. So, if you’re looking for a creative, adventurous, process-driven individual (and don’t mind someone with a few dents in the woodwork) you’ll be as happy to have Greg as we are!