“If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and even if it is broke, just ignore it and maybe it'll sort of be okay. Just like the environment.”

Mark Corrigan

George has always been close to the wild-side, a born outdoorsman with a natural affinity for fauna and flora. Passion for natural wonders was nurtured from an early age during long and exhilarating excursions to the Lake District alongside his dad. The British National Park remains close to his heart, and is probably his favourite place in the world; at least for now. George spent a couple of months exploring South-East Asia where he came across numerous beaches, temples and very annoying open-minded travellers. His eyes are now set on another location with riveting wildlife – Australia.

Unsurprisingly, his undergraduate degree is in geography, with a focus on physical geography. George dedicated a lot of time and effort to studying the effects of climate change, and what impact it will have on British wildlife. During his hour-long commute from the town of Sutton, George enjoys daydreaming about what the landscape would have looked like in the distant past, and how it will look in the near future.

When not trudging mountaintops, or pondering our extinction he likes to keep active. George is an avid golfer, footballer and rugby player! George’s rugby career slowed down following an incident involving a tackle, a sturdy shin, and a broken hand. Thankfully he was never meant for goalkeeping (despite being well over six feet tall), meaning that he can still enjoy kicking a football around the pitch, though you are most likely to find him on a golf course with his old high-school friends.

We do feel terrible about having to keep such a wild adventurer indoors but we also know that he loves numbers, science and data analysis. George has shown that he tackles digital marketing problems with the same strength he uses to tackle opponents and mountains!