“Sometimes you’ve just gotta lick the stamp and send it.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Bedford is home to the likes of our beloved Eddie the Eagle and much more beloved George of Merkle. George spent much of his time growing up in this town before swanning off to Birmingham to complete his degree in Human Geography. While George used his knowledge of human geography to discover more about the effects of all-boys schools on ideas of masculinity, he also became an expert in Louis Theroux documentaries.

George also likes to keep himself busy with all things music. He plays the piano and is a big fan of hip-hop, although he says that his freestyling ability is restricted to his ears only. As a child he even made it to grade 6 on the recorder; however, his recorder-mastery now only reaches as far as being able to play 50 Cent’s Candy Shop – still waiting on an office rendition of that one.

When not watching Louis Theroux documentaries, George is an avid activist and strong-minded character. A proud feminist, he can often be found protesting for issues of gender equality and politics. When not using his determination to stand for what he believes in, he can push himself physically too - nearly reaching Base-Camp of mount Everest (WOW!).

Not one to rest on his laurels, George finds as many opportunities as possible to support his favourite Formula One driver, Daniel Ricciardo – including, driving to Austria for the Grand Prix and promising his first tattoo to his idol (not that he plans on getting one any time soon). In between these fun activities he worked at a summer school before joining Merkle, entertaining and teaching children in his free time.

While Merkle|Periscopix is keeping George busy, he has clearly mastered the art of grabbing life by the horns and making the most of it – his main goals in 5 years’ time are to still be standing for what he believes in, still making music, and to still be happy!