“I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.”

Winston Churchill

Life began for Gabi in a tiny village just outside Genoa, a city in the Northwest of Italy. It’s recently had some big news and has finally been added to Google Earth, so you can now go check it out for yourself. Village life was pretty quiet, which only made Gabi become louder and louder (you’ll know she isn’t far away when you hear her infectious giggle filling the room). When the only pizzeria in town shut down, that was the final straw and off she went to the big city of Genoa for high school. Despite an hour and a half commute to school and back, it seems like it was worth it as Gabi left school being able to speak Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish and a little French, although she assures everyone ‘It’s no big deal, they are all Latin languages so they’re basically the same’.

With London being home to multiple airports, Gabi knew it was the place to go for University (ask her about her plane spotting hobby and her ability to identifying planes from 39,000 feet away...) and she headed to Westminster University to study Business with Tourism. In between writing her dissertation on Favela Tourism and working part time at a card shop, Gabi was pretty flat out for her uni years, although still managed to find time to go running in the park and explore London’s various eateries, discovering her inner millennial spirit!

Graduate life led Gabi to work in Business Travel for a couple of years, which taught her a lot about logistical planning and the importance of attention to detail, but the data driven world of Search soon caught her attention when she spotted a Merkle | Periscopix advert in the newspaper. The idea of a company where you are inspired to be good at what you are good at (as well as getting free biscuits) was all too appealing and here she is today... This multicultural polyglot will make your Search campaigns take off and reach the dizzy heights of those aeroplanes that she loves to watch.