“If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again.”

Terry Venables

Frediano Salvi Gianni Ianelli (or, in English Fred Sal John Johnson) grew up in North London and never moved house growing up. Most people who see Fred’s name before meeting him are surprised just how… well… not Italian he is – apparently his sister got all the Italian genes, which annoys Fred to no end! The adrenaline junkie Ianelli family have a thirst for adventure and visited a wide variety of America’s best theme parks across California and Florida. They also took him skiing at 9 months old… so it’s no wonder the wanderlust is strong in Fred, who has been inter-railing three times and has designs on visiting Cuba, Jamaica and Japan to name but a few.

Closer to home, Fred went to a very interesting school which was owned by a brewery. The kids would receive money from the Beer Master every year and were each presented with a £5 coin as a leaving gift. Always an avid football fan, Fred played for his local team, Whetstone Wanderers, until he was 16. They were a decent team, but Fred moved to the big league to join AC Finchley (whose badge contain a cheeky nod to Fred’s Italian heritage) where he stayed until 18. This passion followed him through his university career at Manchester where he played for the Life Sciences Football Team (their badge was a DNA helix) whilst studying Neuroscience.

When he wasn’t cutting up brains in a lab or tearing up the turf on the football pitch, Fred was laying down some serious tunes. Always very musical, he studied Bass and Saxophone (achieving a Grade 7 in the latter – before leaving his sax quartet because he was ‘too cool’ and moving on to drums); accomplished DJ Fred could often be found helping a mate by playing a set for a house party or even supporting the likes of Shy FX at the Manchester Academy; not only that but he hosted his own radio show where he supposedly just talked rubbish over decent music. He regrets giving up his passion to this day.

Most students’ diets are pretty dire but Fred found the perfect solution: whilst working as a bicycle courier, the company policy meant that if an order wasn’t accepted within 10 minutes (to save the poor delivery staff from waiting out in the cold to be greeted) the food was forfeit and the customer would receive a refund. This meant a decent number of free meals for Fred! After graduating, he tried his hand at a full-time science career but quickly realised the lab coat life was not for him… and discovered digital marketing which suited his analytical mind to a T.