“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Henry David Thoreau

Fred Tran. Data Geek. Tableau Wizard. Street Artist. Film Star. Gym Enthusiast. Digital Marketer Extraordinaire. Oh, and Fashion Mogul, he’s the proud owner of his very own streetwear brand. Fred can do it all.

Studying Economics at the University of Kent, Fred was exposed to a wide range of statistical methods, including such classics as quantitative modelling to calculate economic growth with regards to secondary education enrolment. So you can add ‘Economics Czar’ to the list above. In a previous life, he spent his time analysing industry-wide digital trends, gaining experience with DMPs, attribution analysis as well as data visualisation techniques. His industry knowledge, statistical know-how and an eye for insight continue to help our clients get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Born and raised in South London, Fred oozes cool; did we mention he has a streetwear brand? You can find him in the wild attending art and design exhibitions, staying on top of current trends. This passion for design evolved out of an active street art career, a part of his life he claims to have left behind. We don’t believe him though, so you can add ‘Secretly Banksy’ to the list at the top.

Rumour has it that many years ago Fred almost made the cut to appear on the Junior Apprentice. Merkle | Periscopix would like to thank ol’ Alan for getting that one wrong; his loss is our gain.