“I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles!”

Homer Simpson

Born and raised in the countryside, Fraser enjoyed his life on the small family farm until aged 21, when he said goodbye to the chickens, sheep and dogs to study at the University of Warwick. He describes himself as a ‘big reader’, and it’s a good job too, because not only does he love learning about history in his spare time, but was inspired to study philosophy at degree level.

While at university, Fraser dedicated some thought-space to the Atheist and Humanist Society, where he was involved in some intriguing debates and exposed to a number of interesting ideas, some more divergent than others. Yet it was the Piano Society that truly captured his attention: as a self-confessed ‘massive music nerd’, Fraser now cultivates his own ‘old-fashioned’ tastes by listening to and performing classical, blues, jazz and stride piano. Mastering the last genre in particular sounds no easy feat – with the left hand taking the harmony and the right improvisation, multi-tasking is essential and Fraser admits it is a challenging style!

After university Fraser spent some time in Singapore, highlights of which included working for a social media start-up followed by waiting tables in a German-themed restaurant. As you may imagine, trying to describe a Schnitzel in English, to Singaporean customers, was a highly interesting experience and resulted in a number of hilarious interactions. Another layer of complexity was added when well-meaning patrons assumed he was German and tried to speak to him in that language, which he also couldn’t understand.

After struggling with ‘Singlish’ (Singaporean English), and when he takes a break from the piano, Fraser is also in the process of teaching himself Mandarin Chinese. After taking a course at SOAS and being in the lucky position of having friends who can help out with pronunciation, he is making good progress, and would like to celebrate this achievement with a bucket list trip to China. Beijing, Guan Zhong and Tianjin are all on his hit-list, so if you have any recommendations, do send them his way!

Now working in our Programmatic team, Fraser continues to keep his mind buzzing and enjoys the mix of clients, platforms and data management. So if you’d like to ask him a question about any accounts, or even just send over some travel recommendations, do get in touch!