“Anything can happen if you let it!”

Mary Poppins

Frances is an all-rounder: musician, athlete and she loves to give back to the community. Let’s take a peek into the journey that brought her here to join the Merkle | Periscopix Paid Social department:

Born and raised in London, at the age of nine Frances moved to St Albans where she lived with her two brothers. Not your classic case of middle child, being the only girl, life was pretty easy in the Home Counties. The Family Roche is very musical – each member holds a grade 8 certification in at least one instrument (for Frances, that’s violin – sadly she only managed a measly grade 7 in piano).

The University of York was where Frances decided to study History – focusing on the 18th century and French Revolution era – receiving an award for her dissertation. Whilst at York, she became involved in musical theatre, mostly preferring producing and directing as she’s not at all into being the centre of attention. She also took up tennis, but was too scared to join the hockey team (a fear she has overcome since) and loves to remain active.

Now an avid runner, Frances is fond of the post-jog endorphin high and hoofs it to work every day from her home, around half an hour’s jog away. She’s training for her first ever half marathon this year in Hackney where she hopes to raise some money for her charity. Frances has been volunteering with a charity doing sport with disabled children since 2016.

Although she’d love to get some more miles on her soul, Frances claims she hasn’t travelled enough. Although, knowing that, whilst touring Australia in 2017, she considered not returning; we’d prefer she stayed safely and securely where we can find her!

Following a short stint teaching fencing at a summer camp (with just 2 days training!), Frances found a role with a digital marketing agency and loved the variety and data-driven approach to getting results. Upon hearing about Merkle | Periscopix, she found that our company ethos and ideals fit well with her own. We are happy to welcome her to the team, and are sure you’ll be happy to have her expertise on your Paid Social campaigns.