“Never let me slip, ‘cause if I slip then I’m slippin’”

Dr. Dre

Fabian hails from the town of Horsham, famous for holding the UK record for the largest hailstone ever (the size of a tennis ball, apparently). A lifelong Reading F.C. fan and season ticket holder, he has been a regular fixture on the terraces since he could walk.

At school Fabian excelled at Business and Media, so studying Marketing at Bournemouth University was the natural choice. As part of his course he undertook a placement year at Debenhams where he first fell in love with PPC. Despite being an intern, Fabian was nominated for Employee of the Year during his time on placement. He maintains that this is one of his proudest achievements, only second to the time that he and his friends won a competition to present a live show on Radio 1. He’s still waiting on that job offer from Tim Westwood.

After graduating, Fabian travelled all around the U.S.A. However, even the bright lights of Las Vegas and Miami couldn’t keep him from fulfilling his dream of beginning a career in paid search back in the U.K.

Fabian is our resident expert on anything to do with hip hop, Reading F.C. and The Office trivia.

Fabian dreams of...