“He who hingeth aboot getteth heehaw.”

Victor McDade

Born in London, Ewan is the fourth Scottish hire to the Periscopix family. Growing up in Helensburgh, North West of Glasgow on the coast of the Clyde was nice for views… but for our itchy-footed explorer, this quiet town was never going to keep him for too long!

Ewan began his globetrotting in primary school with a trip to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This may have begun his 20-something year-long love affair with heights. During his stay in Aberdeen at Robert Gordon University, Ewan discovered snow sports. He travelled to far-off lands… to drop off the top of mountains with a plank strapped to his feet.

When he wasn’t snowboarding or studying hard for his degree in Marketing and Marketing Management, Ewan enjoyed his part-time job working in a popular coffee store chain, where he entered Barista of the Year… but didn’t get very far, luckily for us!

Ewan enjoys cooking and animals (not usually combined). He describes his pet ownership over the years as a “natural progression of responsibility from hamster, to rabbit, to finally be trusted to own a dog” so we’re sure you can trust him with your PPC account management.

Listing seeing orcas off the Californian coast and climbing Mount Rainier as highlights of his whistle-stop tour of the United States, Ewan clearly has a taste for the spectacular. So, whether it’s the adventurous go-getter or the ambitious competition entrant, we are sure you’ll see in Ewan the star traits that we did in welcoming him to the team. Plus, he makes a mean cappuccino!