“Only connect!”

E.M Forster

Usually, we like to introduce our Account Managers with a bit of background about their childhood, but Eshani has never really been a child… she didn’t enjoy the company of other children and was more interested in stimulating conversation with her fellow adult peers. Unsurprisingly, Eshani never really took to childish pursuits of entertainment. Instead, she enjoyed reading and trying to live up to her mum’s dream of being a musical prodigy - though her mum’s hopes were dashed after it took 5 years of piano for Eshani to pass her Grade 1, with only a merit - heart break ensued. Eshani had however led her mum to believe that when she played the Fleur de Lys that it was not an auto play tune saved on her keyboard.

As a very studious mini-adult, Eshani wanted to avoid the young, wild and free attributes usually associated with being a child and so decided to be mature, sensible and controlled by joining the Global Peace Organisation and setting off to far corners of the world on her own at just 13. On her travels, she met other mini adults from all different backgrounds where they discussed topics like conflict resolution. Following her adulthood, Eshani went on to attend Oxford University where she studied English, a course that she absolutely loved but that did break her capacity to read for the year following. Though it was stressful she enjoyed always being pushed to think. She wrote her dissertation on Edward Lear and his nonsense poetry in the context of Victorian Popular Science. A highlight for Eshani was that a week after completing her dissertation no one other than David Attenborough himself also published an article on exactly the same thing! Great minds and all that...

Whilst at University Eshani decided it was finally time for her to try and get herself into sport, she started by joining the rowing team, though didn’t get very far as she couldn’t get her head around the fact that to go forward you had to row backwards. She then thought she’d try her luck at football and went on to become striker, but never actually managed to score a goal; it was at this point Eshani decided sport was not her calling.

Following graduation Eshani took a gap year and travelled to Cuba, then down through South America; finally heading over to India. India was definitely her favourite part of the trip, where she spent a while doing some volunteer work and then went on to complete a 10-day silent meditation course. During the course, there were no phones or connection to the outside world and it took her a few days to adjust back into civilization following completion. Back in the real-world hustle and bustle of London, Eshani enjoys visiting as many museums as humanly possible, going to the cinema, and has recently started to explore the world of pickling food - we’re hoping she’ll keep us posted on how that goes.