“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde

Growing up, Emma lived a rather quiet life in the countryside – she was born and raised in Nottingham and moved to Yorkshire at the age of 10. Considerate of her quiet surroundings, and generally not being a big music fanatic, Emma decided against learning any musical instruments, but pursued a sporty career instead, excelling at gymnastics and dancing throughout her youth.

With the countryside love deeply anchored in her heart, Emma moved to Coventry to commence her undergrad in Law at Warwick University. However - preferring maths, science and people over rules, thick books and court rooms - Emma soon discovered that Law wasn’t really her cup of tea. So, she switched her major to Psychology instead, and finally graduated with the highest grade of her year – great decision!

Having lived in rural surroundings all her life, Emma eventually felt the urge to go out and explore the world. After travelling across the globe, visiting Ireland, Poland, Indonesia and Ghana – and accidentally (and illegally) ending up in Togo after searching for a hidden waterfall – she left the countryside to kickstart her career in busy London. Although she sometimes misses the fresh air of home, Emma loves the variety of activities the city offers, and the opportunity to get anywhere at any time of the day, allowing her to live up to her slightly hyper-active nature.

While she can now make use of her fascination for people, data and science in our Search Department, she balances her work days with a good series, great food, and enormous amounts of chocolate. Well deserved!