“You got to keep your ideals high, you got to know that the sky belongs to no one”

Above & Beyond

While most of our nerdy band of analysts could wax poetic on their love of video-games, and one or two may even be able to tell you the best video-game ever made, only Emily could actually build you one. With skills in programming, storyboarding and design, she can create entire worlds, scripting procedural cities, forests and oceans just begging to be explored.

Training intensively in Computer Visualisation and Animation at Bournemouth University. Emily found it was the mathematical and scripting side of her studies that really filled her heart meter, namechecking subjects like ‘procedural programming’ and ‘maths for graphics’ as favourites in her skill tree.

Amidst rumours that the volatile videogames industry doesn’t always play nice, Emily’s passion for programming, problem-solving and debugging led her to the mythical land of Merkle | Periscopix. Here she honed her expertise in GTM implementations and Insight work, before dedicating herself to fighting new evils; things like Angular JS, complacent campaign tagging and the Adobe stack. No foe is a match for Emily’s analytical wizardry.

Speaking of wizardry, Emily’s currently working on her very own fantasy novel! Details are highly confidential, but keep an eye out at your local bookstore. Not on Kindle though, Emily is a purist.

In her downtime, our Hero of Analytics uses her courage, power and wisdom to carry the world’s premier eSports team, Annihylitics, to victory. This mostly involves a bunch of Periscopian Analytics Consultants playing copious amounts of Overwatch, a game without any chickens.

Emily may be the girl with all the big ideas, but when it comes to dreams she remains modest. All she wants in life is to own a place big enough for a permanent craft corner. We’ll be happy to help with that.