“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

Emil is our self-styled James Bond from the Balkans. Having grown up in the heart of beautiful Bulgaria (from the same town as the great Hristo Stoichkov), Emil experienced a fairly tranquil upbringing. When he wasn’t incessantly breaking bones whilst skateboarding or playing with one of his Dad’s various outlandish pets (these included a Macaw Parrot and a Neopolitan Mastiff…), Emil found himself excelling at school and dreaming of broadening his horizons beyond Eastern Europe.

His aspirations were achieved when he went to the naturally progressive state of Texas, USA to study at 6th form level. Here, he lived in a tiny town of 2,000 people, and despite being tempted every day to commit his entire life to the rodeo, he began to excel at sports, in particular tennis, and his resemblance to a certain world no.1 Serbian tennis player has not gone unnoticed in the Periscopix offices.

Emil completed his trifecta of jazzy hometowns when he chose to study his degree in Brighton, where he achieved a First Class Honours in Business and Management. During his degree, he was selected to do a placement year at Samsung, where his work with the digital marketing team sparked his love for Paid Search. Emil is a worldly character who can articulate his thoughts like the great philosophers, and his mad optimisation skills will take your paid campaigns to the very top.