“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Ferris Bueller

Ellen Whyte was born a southern belle in a quaint little town in Kent, and her story began in a way many imaginative children’s do – with a great love of books. Ellen even claimed at one point during childhood “books are my only friend” as she blew out the candles on her 11th birthday and desperately wished for her Hogwarts admission letter to arrive.

Things began to look up though, as having a diva popstar middle name was bound to inspire her at some point. Ellen formed a band - ‘Flower Power’ – that looked set for super stardom, but the band’s inaugural performance to Ellen’s parents was cruelly fated to be their last. Ellen continued with her love of music however, learning the drums, guitar, bass and piano – always an overachiever!

Although Ellen went on to make some great friendships, even staying close to her ex-bandmates despite artistic differences, she still retained that passion for books. To this day she insists that she feels like a true Ravenclaw at heart (although all the quizzes tell her she’s a Slytherin… make of that what you will).

Through the twists and turns of her education Ellen made it through relatively unscathed, securing a place at Warwick University to study – what else – English Literature. Whilst at university Ellen really developed another passion aside from reading (and I’m not just talking about finishing a whole bottle of rosé wine at pre-drinks) in marketing. Ellen took every opportunity to gain work experience in marketing and she also wrote for the student newspaper – including a piece about Love Island and its social media advertising. This is where the interest truly began and grew – in both social media and Love Island.

Always poised and prepared Ellen knew what she wanted to do and instead of jetting off to sunny climes for several months/years like most of her fellow graduates, she began working at Merkle two weeks after her last university exam. Talk about a fast mover. Despite only eating beige food (not that relevant, it’s just unusual) and winning ‘most likely to be a crazy cat lady’ at school Ellen has proved the haters wrong and become an integral part of the Paid Social team, often lending a helping hand to anyone who needs one and earning her Facebook certification with absolute ease. Although she does own three cats…