“What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal!?”

Charles Dozsa

Dexter was born and grew up in Oxford. Despite being named after Dexter Gordon – a famous saxophonist - he was a trumpeter in his youth. These days, Dexter’s love of music isn’t simply reserved for the brass section; he prefers instead to frequent various clubs, festivals and events around the UK.

When he’s not busting some incredibly questionable shapes in some of the country’s filthiest warehouses, you can find Dexter on the football pitch or supporting his beloved Arsenal FC. Dexter is also an extremely keen cyclist. Cycling to work every day rain or shine on his trusty old bike (12 years young and counting), he hopes to one day put his now strongly developed quads to good use and cycle around the world. He might even buy a new bike for the occasion.

Shirking the lure of his elite academic hometown, Dexter chose to study Sports Management at Bournemouth. Realising that the course wasn’t going to make him the next Arsene Wenger (circa 99-03, rather than the decrepit modern version), Dexter focused in on Digital Marketing. He completed various modules on the subject and took part in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, which gave him his first taste of PPC.

After leaving university, Dexter returned to Oxford for a while to work at a publishing company. Soon though, the lure of the bright lights, big nights and even bigger career opportunities was too much. With his trusty bike in tow, he moved to London to join us in Paid Search here at Merkle Periscopix, where his passion and loyalty to club and bicycle is transposed to every account he works on.