“You are perfectly cast in your life. I can't imagine anyone but you in the role. Go play.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda

If you fancy yourself a dancer or even a Saturday night prancer, Dasha is one person we can trust to hold a tune, having mastered the guitar, piano, violin and even the ukulele! Not to be confined to tunes of a musical variety though, she’s completely in tune with lots of our clients’ analytics platforms. Heading up our R&D program Dasha is our go-to geek on what’s cutting edge in analytics.

Dasha has a passion for all things astronomical because it’s “cool and big and pretty”. And who can argue with that? Did you know that the tail of a Comet can stretch the distance between the earth and the sun or that the Donner crater stretches 58km on the far side of the moon or that the Blixen asteroid belt was formed more than a billion years ago?

Despite studying Psychology and Language Science at UCL, it was code that really shot cupid’s arrow through Dasha’s heart. During her studies Dasha taught herself Python and JavaScript, taking a JavaScript module in her final year and “absolutely smashed it”. Also an avid gamer, Dasha has honed her coding skills creating games. P.S. her Flappy Bird clone is loads more fun than the 1988 release of Vixen.

Unless she achieves her life’s ambition of taking off on a Virgin Galactic Flight, Dasha will be firmly earth-bound in our London Office working hard on our client’s implementations.