“The Space Elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing.”

Arthur C. Clarke

As a child Danielle Dumas’s head was in the stars. Or, if not up there, somewhere in Essex writing poems about chocolate and attempting to talk to animals. She credits her teacher’s inability to adequately explain sine and cosine as what first piqued her interest in mathematics, but soon realised her true love was for physics (because why prove a theorem first when you could just try it out?!). In particular, Dani’s heart lies in all things cosmological, the very origins of the universe as we know it.

Not content to simply study burning blobs of space gas, Dani also took a year out to attend performing arts school and become an actual real-life star. Like all the show-biz greats, Dani supported this with a part-time waitressing gig. Following a memorable turn as the witch in a Wicked / The Weather Girls musical mash-up, Dani decided that stage glitter wasn’t quite the stardust she was looking for. She wiped off the green paint and returned to physics, completing her degree with a dissertation on weak gravitational lensing by galaxy clusters. Yep. From there she held down a number of supporting roles, highlights include: student union security savant, barmaid to a busy biker bar and excelling with Excel as a school’s data admin before ultimately her stars aligned, landing a job at a little place called Merkle | Periscopix.

Dani’s dream is to go to space, but only once NASA have built a decent hotel up there. While awaiting construction of her five-star astro-resort she spends her days as an Analytics Solutions Consultant, conducting audits and implementing robust analytics tracking solutions to ensure her clients’ tracking is in a suitably stellar condition to propel their conversions to the… Well you probably get the idea.