“Don't panic.”

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Dan’s love of food is unparalleled: a true foodie, he spends his time cooking up a storm for friends and family and eating his way round London, his beloved hometown. A word of warning - if you’re going for dinner with Dan, he is definitely picking the restaurant.

Despite a traumatic incident as a baby where he fell out of bed and landed chin first on the sharp end of a banana skin (it scarred, hence the beard), Dan still dreamed of a career as a chef and spent his teenage years participating in cookery competitions and honing his flavour combinations. In one competition, he led a team of 10 to victory as they prepared gourmet food for 50 paying customers. Dan’s other claim to foodie fame is that he once rugby tackled MasterChef presenter Greg Wallace. Enough said.

Having conquered the kitchen (and Greg), Dan then turned his hand to a new kind of recipe and studied Biology at Bath University. The highlight was a year abroad in Tennessee where he worked as a researcher in a children’s hospital and experimented on legions of brave mice as they worked to develop new cancer treatments. Dan wrote a paper on his work there and is now in fact a published scientist.

A wiz in the kitchen and the laboratory, Dan will bring a level of expertise and creativity to your paid search campaigns that is second to none.

Dan dreams of...