“There is something beyond the sum of your talents and ideas.”

Monty Oum

Snowboarder extraordinaire Dan is another one of Periscopix's ever-growing maths prodigies, having glided through his A-Levels and undergrad with top grades. That wasn't quite geeky enough for our Dan though, who swiftly followed that up with a Masters in Game Development whilst continuing to wipe the floor with everyone on the pool table at the same time.

Whilst both the gaming and baizing worlds offered potential avenues for a career, Dan decided to put his logical brain to the complicated world of web analytics. Google Tag Manager comes naturally to this lover of logic whilst his years of solving complex maths problems (fancy yourself? Check out the Riemann hypothesis) means he's no slouch at tackling analysis projects either.

Don't let the description above fool you though, Dan's a master at Wing Chun Kung Fu (which sounds suspiciously made up). Whisper 'Daaaaan' to him at your peril.