“This is a piece of advice my father gave to me. Now this refers not only to lagging, but all forms of insulation. He said, “don’t ever”…no, wait, it was “always”…no er, “never, never” - wait now, I’ve forgotten.”

The most boring priest in Ireland

Conor Molloy was born and raised in Waterford, Ireland - a town with three rivers, a mountain and a few beaches (that are “better than English beaches”). One county up in Kilkenny there lies a farm: Conor’s uncle’s farm, where he helped out extensively throughout his childhood. He knows all about silage - “the most important part of any farm” - and looking after cows: “Bring them in in the winter and let them out in the summer”.

Conor is a treasure trove of random knowledge. Factoids and ideas stick to his brain like cow dung to farm wellies; did you know the Vikings briefly made Waterford the capital of Ireland? This insatiable curiosity to understand the world around him is a trait inherited from his role models, his dad and his uncles. And he’s never short for conversation topics. He can wax lyrical about Rubik’s Cube algorithms, woodworking, Irish politics, American politics, history, science, hurling, Dota, The Witcher, food and anything else that captures his imagination. Oh! We almost forgot about computing.

Chief amongst his interests is a fascination with computing, leading him to study Computer Science at University College Cork. This exposed Conor to topics like systems engineering, security, UX and server/client side programming. Showcasing his future Merkle promise, he took a data-driven approach to his final project, A/B testing the custom UI he had built from scratch. (He only tested it on 20 people though - a sample size we’re a little sceptical of).

Conor joins us in the Analytics team at Merkle, where we’ve set his thirst for knowledge loose on the Google Cloud Platform. Here he’s taken a shine to some of the more complicated products in the stack and utilises this knowledge to serve our most complex client needs.

Citing ‘24/7 food’ as the best thing about London, Conor remains a fan of the simple things. But don’t be fooled by his laid back attitude, this farm boy is full of surprises.